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arrow'Performances full of imagination, daring, and confidence'

—Michael Slatkin, Assistant Principal Horn, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

arrow'The Goldman Ensemble thrilled a packed Nantwich audience when they performed ‘Piano Recital (Piano Not Included)’ at The Players Theatre. The four musicians possess a distinct character and different instruments to produce an amazing quartet. The combination of violin, horn, tuba and percussion gives the audience a rare, musical treat not to be missed. Classical music mixed with comedy tells the story of what happens when a pianist fails to turn up for a piano recital and how the other musicians decide that the show must go on. The audience was treated to a series of beautiful musical performances by four talented musicians. Ortal Goldman on violin, Gavriella Goldman on horn, Ola Ness on Tuba and Matthew Green on percussion. The sound of laughter during the production and the final applause given to the four performers was evidence of how much the audience enjoyed the show. I’m sure that music fans, comedy fans and fellow musicians themselves would love this show. It’s a great way to learn about music and also a good way to learn about what really happens when things start to go wrong. If you go to see this, I’m predicting that you’ll leave humming a tune and wishing you’d learnt how to play the xylophone. How do I know this? Because that’s how I left The Players Theatre last night (Saturday April 28).'

—Claire Faulkner, editor of the Nantwich News

arrow'Our very grateful thanks for the first-class performance here at St Mary's on Saturday. In addition to their individual musical excellence and virtuosity we really appreciated all the hard work and preparation that went into the performance from the whole team.'

—Joyce S. Co-ordinator, Music at St Mary's, Stapleford

arrow'A most enjoyable and unexpected evening. Truly magnificent.'

—Mike G. Director, Ouse Valley Festival

arrow'A fantastic show, full of fun and great music. I received excellent feedback from my most appreciative group.'

—Stephen H. Stevenage

arrow'Imaginative and superb musicians, Gavriella (Horn), Tirzah (Cello) and Ortal (Violin) Goldman display technical and emotional skills as well as undisputed artistry. Their music (mostly arranged by Ortal Goldman) was beautifully played throughout, while the sisters added a further string to their bows by acting at the same time. They were convincing, charming and wonderfully funny. Such versatility! . . . A show which is sheer delight! This is a show not to be missed.' 5 STARS

—ConcertBuzz about Piano Recital (Piano Not Included)

arrow'I went to see this show, not knowing quite what to expect. I was intrigued by the title, Piano Recital (Piano Not Included). Indeed, much of the music in this show is from the Classical and Jazz Piano repertoire. There are a number of facets in this show, a couple of different threads in the story: there is the story about the pianist not arriving in time to perform with the other chamber musicians and how the three musicians, Gavriella (French horn), Ortal (Violin) and Tirzah (Cello) Goldman cope with the situation. In addition, there are a number of 'vignettes' which are extremely funny, some more subtle than others and some which are almost slapstick in their humour. The Musicians are extremely talented and versatile; they are also convincing actresses and are full of fun and good humour. The polished craft of all the performers is undisputed. This show is entertaining on many different levels; you don't have to be a music-lover to enjoy it. It is a show for everyone. Don't miss Piano Recital (Piano Not Included). I guarantee you that you will enjoy every moment, as did I!' 5 STARS

—BroadwayBaby about Piano Recital (Piano Not Included)

arrow'a talented trio'

—Hampshire Chronicle

arrow'I found all three musicians extraordinary, both technically and musically. Each of the three young soloists show superb abilities. It is wonderful that such musicians of the present generation play their instruments with exquisite tone, expression and honesty. Their performances are like a breath of fresh air. . . '

—Review of CD, Members of the Goldman Ensemble in Concert by Professor Peter Feuchtwanger, Piano Pedagogue and Composer.

arrow'Superb concert . . . I would love you to visit us again'

—Arnold Jarman, concert co-ordinator, Winchester Cathedral, in a letter inviting the Goldman Ensemble for a return performance.

arrow'thank you very much indeed for the excellent musical contribution at our recent Holocaust memorial Day Event. Numerous attendees commented on the quality of the music played and the fact that it enhanced considerably the meaning and significance of the event. I would therefore reiterate our thanks and do hope that you would be willing to participate in any future event we might hold.'

—Judy Ruff, Adviser to SACRE, Bedfordshire County Council, in a thank you letter following the Goldman Ensemble's participation at a Holocaust Memorial Day Service, February 2007

arrow'I enjoyed your CD. Three talented girls'

—Tanya Tintner, Professional Development Programme Coordinator, Symphonic Workshops.